"Hello, I'm Noel Tauzin, the creator of Tauzin Lights. The meaning of Christmas to me, and I believe to each of us is deeply rooted within our being. Our childhood memories of how we celebrated the holiday growing up drives the meaning of Christmas for us as adults."

For me, it was a time that we came together as a family to celebrate the love that we had for each other while recognizing the religious importance of the celebration. It was a season started by an annual trip to Ramsey Tree Farms to select and cut the perfect Christmas Tree and a time when we made our favorite Christmas cookies and candies following old family recipes. It was a time when family and friends came together to play games and share some holiday cheer, a time when we attended midnight mass with "Maw Maw" and most importantly, it was a time when we honored our loved ones who were no longer with us.You see, my father passed away when I was only 6 years old. That meant that the responsibility of being the "creator" of holiday traditions and memories for me and my four siblings, ranging in age from 2 to 18 yerars old, fell solely upon my mother, the late Nancy Tauzin. I am here to tell you that she did that and so much more. The fondest of all memories are those of creating decorations - wooden cutouts which we then painstakingly painted and assembled in our yard, on our rooftop and on our house with mom's loving guidance. I have not-so-fond memories of un-tangling and testing hundreds of strings of lights to see which needed repair or replacement.I have many fond memories of decorating the special tree chosen as our symbol of the holiday season with family. My eldest brother, Vincent would place the cherished angel atop the tree with care, again with mom's loving guidance. I cherish the memories of dear "Momma Nancy" high up on the rooftop, putting together Santa's sleigh scene and adding lights at every angle and pitch. Yes, it feels like only yesterday - these vivid memories still, today make me smile and fill my heart with warmth. They also fill my eyes with tears - tears of laughter, joy and pain.Long before RGB pixels, light controllers and lighted mega trees were available, my father started a tradition of creating a Christmas tree in the yard using a fence top post standing upright with lines tracing to the ground at an angle. That huge creation was then finished off by winding rows of garland and lights around the silhouette, forming a "mega tree" of his own in our yard. It was that very special tradition started by my father that prompted me to create my first "mega tree" in Sandy Springs, GA. That memory, and the tradition started by my father many generations before is what started me down this unknown path of internet controlled pixel lights.The events, now memories, described here and so many more make me who I am today and drive my passion. They are truly a part of my being and define how I live my life. The house in the photos on this page no longer exists, the material items and the bulk of my childhood photos are all gone. The few photos which remain are weathered, tattered and torn. That house, those material treasures, those cherished childhood photos were all washed into the Gulf of Mexico by Hurricane Katrina, leaving only the memories and images engraved in my mind. I must, and I will always hold onto those memories. This makes it even more important for me to share my story and the magic of "Tauzin Lights".People often ask what motivates me to decorate so elaborately, or why I spend so much time, energy and money on my light show. When it's all said and done - it's really simple: The smile, the laughter and the joy that I felt as a child each and every time we wrapped the garland around my father's mega tree; each and every time we lit that special, hand-chosen Christmas tree for the first time comes back to me, as if I were that 6 year-old child that I was when my father left this earth to become an angel.Born December 21, I was born to celebrate the magic of Christmas. Named Noel Christopher, I was named to share the magic of Christmas. I firmly believe that everything in life happens for a reason...I am inspired by the magic of the season, which brings me back to my roots year after year.I am motivated by the joy that I am able to bring into other's lives by sharing the show that I call "Tauzin Lights". I hope you enjoy watching the show as much as I enjoyed creating it for you...Sincerely,Noel Tauzin

Letitia Trochesset (Tauzin) at Ramsey Tree Farms. We would make an annual trip there with family and friends to select and cut the perfect tree.
Vincent Tauzin, Jr. and Nancy Tauzin putting the finishing touches on the tree and adding the angel topper.
Nancy Tauzin and Sharron Tauzin playing games at the Theriot family house. The Tauzin's and Theriot's had a rotating family party each year.
Plywood cutouts made by the Tauzin Family and a mega tree made of tinsel, which was originally created by the late Vincent Tauzin Sr.
"Momma Nancy" installing Christmas lights and plywood cut out decorations on the roof of my childhood home.