Located in the Grogan's Bluff Neighborhood

210 Grogans Lake Pt

Sandy Springs, GA 30350

While You're at The Show

  1. A syncronized musical light show plays at the top of each hour (the first 20 minutes). An animated light show follows.

  2. If you arrive after the show, you can follow the remote falcon link and select the next songs to play.

  3. Tune to 90.5 FM for full audio in your vehicle or on your mobile phone radio.

  4. Participate in the show by voting for the next song at Remote Falcon .

  5. Do not block any of my amazing neighbor's driveways.

  6. Do not play your music loud, if it can be heard outside of your car - it's too loud.

  7. Turn off your headlights while enjoying the show.

  8. Sit back, relax and enjoy the magical show.

  9. Please, please leave your feedback on the show here.